Secrets from Central Germany’s Past


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The Monument of the Battle of Leipzig

A dramatic event, which happened to bear European consequences and to be of global historic importance, took place on the 18th of October 1813 in the east of Germany as we know it today:
Napoleon had lost the Peoples Battle which had been fought at Leipzig, Saxony.
Exactly 100 years later the largest monument in Europa was built on these battlefields:
the “Monument to the Battle of Leipzig” (Das Völkerschlachtdenkmal).
It does honor the 100.000 poeple who had been killed in a battle which had lasted three days. It is in remembrance of the liberation of Europe from the grip of French military rule and telling us about the terrors of war, constantly reminding the people at peace with each other.
At least that is what is written in the textbooks.
But the monument does have another secret which has been hidden for 80 years.
The monument does actually have two faces:
There is certainly the face which is turned towards the soldiers killed in the Peoples Battle, but there is also a temple of the Freemasons at the same time!

The authors of this book have been re-discovering the tracks of the Freemasons at the monument. A perfect sensation, causing ardent controversies.
Some people are denying and concealing the facts, others are simply enthused.
A journalist actually visited the liberary of the Freemasons during the cause of investigations.
He got lucky in Bavaria and was therefore able to confirm the findings stated in this book. One of the two architects responsible for the monument, Clemens Thieme, had been the spiritual creator of the
“Monument to the Battle of Leipzig”.

The master of the lodge did actually build a temple of masters right into the heart of his piece of architecture which only becomes visible to the initiated.
But the symbols used within are not of the usual symbolism used by the Freemasons, there ar something different to the traditions of the dome building huts.
It is a Testament of the Freemasons for the afterworld.

This book follows the paths from the entrance, where we find the car park nowadays, right up to the visitors platform, right up at a height of 91 meters above the rooftops of the town.
The authors are guiding right through the spiritual background of the hidden temple.
Step by step they are uncovering the hidden sources and origins, thoroughly explaining the context along the way, as well as reporting about the latest results of the research. There is even a detailed description about the plans which the Nazis had with the monument.

An exciting reading adventure filled eith suspense.
It is the first time that this book is available in the English language.

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* MdG = Secrets (G) of Times Past of the Central (M) German (d) Region